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Nat's Fancy Faces - Face Painting Sydney

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Safe and Hygienic Face Painting




Some children may be allergic to a wide range of common products or have very sensitive skin. Please do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with us before hand.

The painter will carry out a patch test or paint a small design on the child’s hand to be on the safe side. Paradise paints are water based and easily removed from the skin with mild soap and water or wet wipes.


Some points to note below:

  • We ask that all children have permission to be face painted from their parent/carer. The organizer will be responsible for this.
  • We will use a baby wipe to clean any dirt or food from the child’s face before painting.
  • Parents/carers must be present at children's parties.
  • We do not take children to the toilet.
  • We will not paint children under 2 year’s old or unwilling children.
  • We will refuse to paint anyone who is abusive, violent, or intoxicated.  
  • We clean our kit fully after each job. We use only the high quality sponges, brushes and towels and take pride in the appearance of ourselves and our equipment.
  • We change the brush water frequently.
  • We ask that the children do not touch or play with the paints or equipment.