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Common questions asked...

What area do you need?

Natalee & her artists can paint either indoors or outdoors. A children's size table and 2 chairs available for use would make the set up time a lot faster...leaving more time to paint! A minimum health and safety requirement is to work in a well lit area out of the sun and rain. If your event is at night adequate lighting is required for effective makeup application.

Is there a deposit?

All private parties require a deposit. As soon as you schedule a date, we will hold the spot for 7 days until we receive a deposit to secure your booking. Deposits can be made via Electronic Transfer or Direct Deposit. A confirmation of your booking will be emailed to you, inclusive of our business banking details once you have decided on a date and time slot.

Once a deposit has been paid, parties may only be postponed so please ensure if your party is outdoors that you have a rain plan!


Natalee is the owner and main face and body artist, although there may be unforeseeable circumstances when she may not be able to attend your party or event. Natalee only works alongside a very select group of fine artists and one of these beautiful ladies will be sent in her place.

Additional children or adults

Due to popular demand we are always asked by adults to be painted " A little something special" whilst at events so please ask your guests to be aware of the time frame we are booked for and if we need to paint over the booking time the artist will require $50 per half an hour.

We also ask that if you request a quote for a particular amount of children and on the day there are more than expected an additional fee of $10 per person will apply. However if we are unable to stay longer some children will miss out.

If children do not wish to be painted

Not ALL children like their faces painted so our wonderful artist will ask if the child would like their hand, arm or leg painted instead. It is not the artists fault if not all faces are painted as it is up to the child and their parents we will never paint unwilling children.

Cancellation Policy

Private event Cancellation Policy: If your event is cancelled the deposit is non refundable. We will be happy to postpone your event to another date if we are available. If a second contractor is booked and the event is cancelled the full amount of the booking will be payable.

Corporate Event Cancellation Policy: Once a contract is made to secure a date, time, number of artists and cost have been accepted and an invoice has been issued, The client is then bound to an agreement to pay the invoice in full. If the event is cancelled the invoice is still payable, especially if we have secured and prepaid contractors to lock in the event. Once artists have locked in the event time, date and duration we will be declining all other potential bookings. If the duration of the event is to be reduced after the booking agreement has been secured the full amount of the invoice is payable.

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